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Calm Care (Body Scrubs + Bath Salts, Bath Wash)🌟

$8.88 - $16.16

Image of  Calm Care (Body Scrubs + Bath Salts, Bath Wash)🌟

(1) Bath salt for some relaxing self care time. Also you can use for a spiritual bath!
Salt for tired bones will help you feel refreshed! Light some candles and turn on some smoothing music and have some me time! You deserve it! Add Bubble Bath ☺(4oz)
ingredients (, rosemary, chamomile , calendula , org salt , roses)

(2) Body Scrub / Lip Scrub- smooths skin and removes dead skin to welcome new skin cells and also helps with dark spots (4 oz)

(ingredients: organic flowers and herbs, rose petals, organic sugar ,grape seed oil)

(3) Body Wash - ingredients: mango, rose , chamomile, calendula, pure cap , lavender