Calm Aura

(Calming Oils/Solraya Hair Care)

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(1) Solraya's Hair Oil - The hair benefits are promotes hair growth , shine and all around healthy hair rosemary is a special treat for your scalp helps simulate to promote growth we use the herbs and infused them into the oil to create a powerful combo
(2) Calming Oil - oil helps with dry skin for conditions like eczema and psoriasis, hyperpigmentation
Ingredients:grape seed ,primac oil,calendula, chamomile,
A little amount goes a long way!
(3) Herbal infused shampoo with a few beneficial oils mixed in to make a creamy beige color. We choose a green/Amber bottle for an earthly tone and essential oils like tea tree and rosemary can help with repairing your damage hair. We hope your scalp/hair feels cleanse after your wash day.
A little goes a long way!
(4 oz bottle )

(4) Solraya's Hair Cream- Baby Safe Hair Cream! We created a simple yet effective hair cream for the most gentle scalp!
ingredients: olive , grape , horsetail , rosemary, mango , lavender

(5) Beard Oil- a few drops on your beard will help refresh and grow hair
ingredients - rosemary , horsetail, olive ,